The California Neurology Practice(s) of

Dr. Diane Stein 

Stein Neurology

Full Spectrum EEG*

and Stein Life Child Neurology MS inc.

are now closed. 


If you are looking to refill a prescription, please call your primary care provider or other current provider. 


Phone number continues to be 949-743-5678 however no live person answers. The messages are generally checked every few days. 


Fax number continues to be 949-743-5682. Faxes are checked every few days. 


Here is how you obtain your records. 


If your needs are not met, your best means to contact Dr. Stein or the office is by email to: 


Dr. Stein is no longer practicing in California. Please contact a physician that sees the patient if medical services such as medication refills, referrals, orders, prior authorizations, etc. are needed. 


I wish you good health! 


-Diane Stein, M.D.

*To obtain results of an EEG performed by Full Spectrum EEG which was an affliate of Stein Life Child Neurology, please contact the office of the physician who ordered the test. 


Dr. Stein and Stein Life do not hold results on EEGs that were ordered by physicians other than Dr. Stein. 


Note: Full Spectrum EEG has not and will not be associated with EEG To Go. All association between Dr. Stein and Mr. Brad Levy ended when he left her practice April 2016. Dr. Stein has not certified Mr. Levy as an EEG technologist or in opening a medical clinic. 

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