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The California Neurology Practice(s) of

Dr. Diane Stein 

Stein Neurology

Full Spectrum EEG*

and Stein Life Child Neurology MS inc.

are now closed. 


Dr. Stein is no longer practicing medicine. please call your primary care provider or

other practicing physician for all medical needs. . 


To Obtain Records:

Records are held by MyMemorialCare of Memorial Care Hospitals and Clinic. 

For records, contact Memorial Care directly. 

 Here - click to be directed to Memorial Care medical records department.  

To obtain results of an EEG*, please contact the office of the ordering provider. 


If your needs are not met, your best means to contact Dr. Stein or the office is by email to: 


No fax line is available. 

Office phone is checked approximately weekly. If needed, you may leave 

a message on 949-743-5678. 


I wish you good health! 


-Diane Stein, M.D.

Note: Full Spectrum EEG has not and will not be associated with EEG To Go or other EEG services or providers. No EEG technologist were

certified by Dr. Stein. All association between Dr. Stein and Mr. Brad Levy (prior practice business manager) ended April 2016. 

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